Go paperless.

No more piles of receipts or reports. Your financial data is all stored online, encrypted for security.

Go mobile.

You can view your financial data in real time, whenever, and wherever...

Behind on taxes?

We can work with your existing records, no matter how unorganized or incomplete, to create an audit resistant book of record and get you current.

Our focus is not entirely on tax reduction, that is your tax professional’s job. Reducing taxes is important, but spending three dollars to save one is not an optimal strategy for growth and stability.  We use bookkeeping data to provide information giving deeper insight into what services/products are the most profitable and how effective the dollars spent are to the bottom line.

We help shift the focus to increasing profitability and strategies for building wealth in your business over time utilizing a profit first strategy.


Unlike traditional bookkeeping firms that turn a box full of receipts into a standardized set of financials once a year, we maintain your business books with digital receipts attached to the transactions ready to be reviewed by your tax professional either for quarterly tax estimates, yearly tax form preparation or audit purposes.

Additional business documents can also be stored in a digital vault dedicated to your company for disaster resistant storage and easy retrieval.

We offer customized, fixed-rate monthly plans based on your business needs including a variety of cloud-integrated solutions to solve any business pain point.

With back office services we can bill your clients, process client payments, pay vendors and contractors, pay your employees and file/pay your payroll, sales and franchise taxes.

If you are behind on taxes, we can help get your books caught up for a fraction of what a CPA firm charges.