Welcome to customized, paperless, cloud-based bookkeeping, where we can provide assistance with your books and share a screen with you as though we were side-by-side online. Imagine a quick conversation with your bookkeeper, viewing receipts and reports while waiting at an airport or from the deck of a beach house. Today’s technology allows us to keep our overall costs down, allowing us to provide highly detailed and customized services, with added value. We have the education, training, certifications, knowledge, resources and experience to take care of our clients with a personal one-on-one approach anywhere with internet.

Focus on Profit Growth and Taxes

Unlike traditional bookkeeping firms that focus only on tax compliance, we focus on the big picture by providing tailor-fit customized reports to improve the transparency of how income and expenses flow to create increased profits. Our goal for our clients is to understand the past and the future of their bookkeeping data to empower them to make educated decisions for the future of their business. We offer a wide array of cloud-integrated solutions to solve any business pain point. Our focus is not entirely on tax reduction, that is your tax professional’s job. While that is important, spending three dollars to save one is not an optimal strategy for growth and stability. Funds should be spent to acquire quality clients and talent, retain quality clients and talent, and grow profitability through increases in efficiencies and productivity.

Flat Rate Plans with Flexibility

We offer customized, fixed monthly plans based on your business needs. We start with the standard bookkeeping portals and custom-build your plan around specific goals. There are no additional software purchases required because each plan includes the cost of the standard bookkeeping portals utilized. Additional charges may be incurred for service offerings outside of the standard bookkeeping package.